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Artistic Photography
In 2010 we were selected to be a Adobe Photoshop tester during CS5 release. New Braunfels Video And Photography will always be a combination of traditional and artisic style photography.

Our photography work branches out to graphic design and videos.  These three things is our foundation to providing you with unique multimedia. We have multiple websites and methods for you to get your multimedia 24 hours a day.

Every photo that we work with is checked and retouched if necessary. This is to get color balance, noise removal,  remove dots, blemishes and other items of a wide variety that can show up in a photo. We're very fast at this because over the years we have created a workflow that works great for everyone. Photo repair is one of our specialties. is our brand new website that will provide details of  everything that we can do for you. The mobile website will look great and easy to view.

We'll be updating with brand new material for every catagory through out the year.
We use a variety of editing software including PhotoShop to improve photos and for Artistic Photography
Landscape Views
Ideas? We have  plenty!
Our location has many places to take photos with the beautiful natural backgrounds that we call "The Real Texas Hill Country".

For larger photo shoots we have access to other properties located on River Road. For some photo shoots we can take you to Turkey Creek on a kayack. There's a funny story that makes this a unque shot and it's really very close to us.
No matter what type of work is done, we'll share some of our ideas with you that can really help the end results.  The earlier we can get the ideas, photos, text and videos could help us create something very unique and more personalized.

We're available for individuals or business. If you need banners, posters, enlargements, panoramics, display stands we can handle that for you and a whole lot more.
Create an effect
Typography, photos, vectors, gradients, textures, brushes, medallions, ribbons, crowns, crests, wings are some of things we use to convey ideas using visual and textual content.

The completed graphics can be used for so many things from print to t shirts, banners, posters, mugs to name a few.  
We're available for all types of projects  when it comes to working out in the field or the computer. We are very flexable with our hours so just tell us what's going on.
We don't take on more work than we can handle. We prefer not to rush any project so that we can provide our customers with more than what they expected .... Multimedia For Today And Tomorrow ~The Power To Share.

Our Location

Underneath The Trees​​​​​

On the Riverbank

Steps and Sand Bag Wall

By The Guadalupe River

Barbed Wire Fence

River Road