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Photos for the video  and to share with friends. Action and portrait shots will be on your own web page for you to downloaded. Artistic photography work will provide custom poster style photos with text and graphics.
We'll record using 3 cameras. A few photos will be added along with animated easy to read text.
Precise editing will the foundation for the compeleted video.  All video recorded and the completed video will avaiable for downlaod, hard drive transfer.
The video is to help in the recruiting process for students aretheir way to college sports. we'll produce a concise professional presentaion.
It can view anytime at the viewer's convenience. This type of video can also be designed for personal use.
College  Coach Recruitment Video
Every video is unique and custom made - Online viewing. 
We have new design and editing ideas and  need new samples -$500 Up to 2  hours / Regular price wll  be $700.

Over 2 hours will recieve special pricing.

Video record action shots, photographs, online viewing for years, online download, up to 3 video cameras, completion up 1-2 weeks.

You'ill recieve all  unedited and edited videos / photos.