New Braunfels Video And Photography


Special Events, Marketing Videos, Same Day Record & Transfer Unedited Video To Your Hard Drive,

Entertainer-Musician-Band Video, Family Heritage, Tribute Videos, Sport Videos, Demonstration Videos
  1. Custom Design
    This is what makes the video. Our video tool box allows us to be more creative and affordable.
  2. Production
    Our video workflow offers photography and graphic design skills to give you the complete package.
  3. Marketing
    Website presentation/service promotion, captivating and engaging videos, animation and text effects.
  4. Imagination
    Innovative methods with new ideas that are original and creative to produce a more personalized video.
  1. Ideas
    Before, during and after the recording we'll have plenty of ideas for video production. Answering a few questions will a be a true asset for the video.
  2. Pricing
    State tax, clear production details and receipt provided. Full payment required 9 days before the video recording day. We'll start working on your video before the recording day. This will help us provide a better personalized video.
  3. Details
    For pricing and to provide you details of the ideas we have for your video, we'll need some questions answered. It's imperative that all the questions are answered. Afterwards, it will provide accurate details of what your getting.

Custom Made Videos

We can do this because of the software we use, our work skills and the eqipment we use during the recording. This is the only way to take your finalized video to a higher level.  We produce animated titles, transitions, personalized graphics, specific file type if needed, custom music and more. Once you get get are price, contact other video services and see what price they will offer. We belive they will not be able to use 3 cameras to compete with our pricing.

We record with 3 cameras with most projects with an unbeatable price

Sample Videos VIMEO
Customer Videos  With Photos
Live Recordings With 3 Cameras
If a band can record the performance with their system and provide us the digital file we can use it for the video. We'll exchange ideas with you before production.
Every Video Is Unique
After a big event everything is put away, used up or thrown away. Capture the memory with a professional video that can de viewd for future generations.
Sample Videos
Live Recordings With 2 or 3 Cameras
We'll capture the memories and all the excitement. We'll even take a few pictures.
Live Recordings With 2 or 3 cameras
We'll capture the memories and all the excitement. We'll even take a few pictures.
End Of Video Credits
Make A Video Extra Special
This add on will make a video very unique and will be a way to remember the people involved. The names can be guests, sponsors, deceased individuals and any idea that you may have in mind.

This sample video is from a Quinceanera from the Regina Vasquez Family in Houston Texas 2003.

Over the years someone said they saved the link  so that they could dance to it at home. It's a four song track.